Tea lovers! This is for you.. Yogi green, black and herbal tea.

“Health is wealth” is a very old proverb and hence very popular across the continents. Looking after health has become our very main goal in life as fast forward technologies and innovation are changing our lifestyle. In old days, people used to do more physical work and eat homemade food so the tea was either refreshment or it was a special beverage during a family “get together” sipping a hot cup of tea and to chitchat!!!

As the years go by, we are becoming more health-conscious and struggle to stay away from a lousy lifestyle…..This is the Golden opportunity for the “tea” industry to come up with unique and different ideas…..As a result, Green, black or herbal tea are becoming more n more popular and gaining attention widely. An exceptional range of “tea” are available in the market to choose from. So thought extending help of hand and get you close to “tea” which you might like to try. 

I am a huge “Green Tea” lover and like to explore different flavors and I think you would like it too!! So let’s take a look. Indulging in tea for me is more about feeling pure about myself…I mean whenever I sip a hot cup of tea, the connection between my mind and body is so instant and I feel rejuvenated. This was the reason I was looking for some good and unique tea after using “Kirkland green tea” for several years. 

One day I went to the store just to explore tea and then something caught my eyes….. I saw the pack of “Yogi Tea” available in so many flavors with health benefits…It blew my mind!! I mean seriously it was unbelievable…I had never seen so many flavors in my life…after a brief pause, I recollected myself and just picked up the “Ginger” flavor as I have always been a ginger tea person! But now I think like herbal too…..!

Anyway, when I came back home, what I really wanted is to see how it tastes. Without wasting my time I started to read the instructions and accordingly I made my tea…now my first impression was mixed up. It was hard to tell if I can remain consistent for the next few days..but then I decided to give it some time and continue it about a week or so… then something magical happened… Guess what? I ordered a variety pack from Amazon which includes the flavors you see in the picture above! Part of me really wanted to try that unique taste and was very curious too!. That was crazy, isn’t it? Yes…I know it!

“Yogi tea” is such an amazing tea and offers 40 varieties of black, green & herbal tea so it all depends on your choice what kind of tea you like. If you ask me I like all the flavors (Tea shown in the pictures) except “Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality Tea” as I feel it has an overpowering aroma of spices..more like cinnamon and has a little bit sweet taste to it. But again it’s all about individual preferences.

Nope! This post is not at all sponsored. But since WordPress is a platform where we can share our thoughts and connect to each other. So I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce this tea to all of you guys! 

This tea is really very expensive and honestly, I did not find any offers/discounts not even on Amazon. So all the best! Let me know what do you think about this article.

I will give it a full five stars and Yes! I would recommend it to my friends and family!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you very much !


Uploading few more pick for closer look!


Author: sonalivaidya

I am a wife & a mother and enjoy life with different colors. I have a technical educational background having 9 years of experience in the core companies. It's my new passion taking me to blogging world so I am totally excited. So wish me luck and thank you!

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