“Raksha Bandhan” celebration meant for Brother and Sister – A unique Indian culture

India is well known for its diversity, different cultures, and various regional languages.

If you have any Indian friends around you then you might have heard about the “Diwali” or “Holi” celebration a lot. But Have you heard about “Raksha Bandhan” also knows as “Rakhi”?

Since Rakhi is just around the corner I thought sharing its importance and why Indians celebrate it with enthusiasm.

So it is the Hindu festival but these days seems it has become very popular among Indians irrespective of religion. It is a very unique way to celebrate the love of a brother for his sister. Quite interesting, right!

Again I would like to mention that Indians usually follow their regional yearly calendar to check auspicious date or time called “Mahurat” to perform or to begin any ceremony. So like I said they go by their timetable, and as per the Hindu calendar, it is “SHRAVAN” month. A very divine and sacred month.

What is so special about Rakhi and why Indians celebrate it?

The history of Raksha Bandhan lies in a Hindu mythological great epic story “Mahabharata”. Even if I wish, It would be hard to explain each n every character and the storyline in detail here in this post. So leave it for some other day.

Instead of getting into story details, Let’s see how people love to celebrate it.

“Rakhi” or “Raksha Bandhan” is celebrated in the month of “Shravan” (July 23-Aug 22) as per the Hindu Calendar. On this day girls get one more day to flaunt in their best outfit. A day for a brother to express his caring n loving attitude towards sisters.

A day starts with a very beautiful morning. One can feel the festivity in the air. First ray of sun touching the soul with great joy. I wish I could express that enthusiasm in the words.

Great importance to a “Rakhi means Band”. A colorful thread. Sister ties “Rakhi” on the wrist of their brothers and in exchange brother promises his sister he will stand by her side in any circumstances. It also means brother will always protect her sister and save her from evil eyes. Sisters also pray for their happiness.

The best thing is like I do not have any brother but we still have cousins (Brothers). So there must be many girls/women like me who do not have real brother. Yet they get to celebrate it with the same amount of love. Again not just about cousins, even you have somebody in your life with a “brotherly” figure. You can definitely celebrate it with a mutual understanding.

A very unique right? Yes, Indeed it is!

Let me know how you celebrate or express your love for your brothers or siblings. Hope you like today’s blog.

Thank you so much.


Author: sonalivaidya

I am a wife & a mother and enjoy life with different colors. I have a technical educational background having 9 years of experience in the core companies. It's my new passion taking me to blogging world so I am totally excited. So wish me luck and thank you!

8 thoughts on ““Raksha Bandhan” celebration meant for Brother and Sister – A unique Indian culture”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog post🙂. Wow ! Great to hear that you love India and experienced Holi festival. Hope you enjoyed it. And regarding the story actually it is an ancient Indian epic and also REFLECTS HINDU RELIGIOUS BELIEF so I will have to be more careful with it while writing it in my words So yes I will try my best 🙂


  1. I love learning about different cultures and most of us in the West know very little about India’s uniqueness. It is interesting to note that these celebrations are to recognize that special relationship between brother and sister. I have to say though, that in my part of the world most brothers and sisters have very little to do with one another, and usually show each other very little respect or consideration. Is this special relationship celebrated in India between brother and sister relevant during the rest of the year, or does it only really apply on this special day? Thanks very much for bringing this to my attention as we can all learn a great deal from each other.
    Regards, Phil at http://knowledge-data.net

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Phil ! Thanks for reading my blog post. After reading your thoughts on western culture, there might be some other ways to express bonding between Siblings. In India Yes! we get one more day to celebrate or express love between brothers and sisters during “DIWALI” festival . We call it “Bhai dooj” . “BHAI” means Brother and dooj means the second day after the new moon. It is the day we celebrate it. Looking forward to post all about it during Diwali festival season.
    Thank you & TC.


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