“Dussehra” is an Indian festival. Today, on this very auspicious day, I wish you all a very happy “Dussehra” or “Vijayadashami”. May God take all your worries, pain & sorrow away and bestow you with a prosperous happy & healthy life.

Today, I started my day watching a motivational youtube video of Shri. Gaurgopaldas and I thought sharing with you guys. I like when he said,

“Great personalities are not born in the maternity ward but created by choice.”


Thank you much!

A warm regards,


4 responses to ““HAPPY DUSSEHRA””

  1. Yogita says:

    “Happy Dashera to all of you…. God bless you..

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  2. sonalivaidya says:

    Thank’s Yogita! Wish you the same.


  3. Harshal says:

    Happy dussehra to all

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  4. Prerna says:

    Wish you very happy Dashera☘️


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